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too eat or not too eat

Literally feels like right now my whole fucking world it just crashing down around me and I can’t do nothing about it but just watch it. Like I understand everyone has their own shit to deal with but most of the time I end up dealing with their shit, but what about me? What about the fact that I can not deal with my shit right now, I don’t want too. I just don’t want to be here, not commit, but just genuinly do not want to be here. I haven’t felt this horrible since I came off the meds, that was over a year ago. But I don’t even remember ever feeling as bad as I do now, and all I can do is like feel it. But no one does understand, they dont, because when im not strong enough to deal with all this who comes through for me? No one. Iv now come to the conclusion even talking to people about it won’t help because they dont care their just nosey, and feels shity so fucking shitty. I just don’t know what to do right now I really fucking dont, literally feel lost. Fuck.

you tell me you love me but you don’t do this to the person you love, you dont leave


Posted by edie1

and I’m the one that has to be okay, that has to be fine because this ‘shouldnt’ effect me in their eyes. Well it does, it fucking does. And it’s hard, so why is everyone else aloud to be upset everyone else aloud to be crying but I’m not?